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I have a few things to say.
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Date:2015-01-15 18:48
Subject:Friends Only

If you're already a friend, you'll have to be logged in to read my entries from now on. If you're not a friend but would like to be one, I'm open to communication. Leave a message here.

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Date:2009-03-21 13:01
Subject:Friends Cut


I made a fairly substantial friends cut recently. A number of people use a lot of twitter, and while I respect their decision to twitter, it's just not my thing. Some of the people cut haven't posted in as many as five years. And some, I just couldn't remember who you were or how I knew you.

Don't take it personally; I wish you all well!

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Date:2007-05-17 19:34
Subject:Lloyd Alexander, 1924-2007
Mood: sad


May you find many old friends in the Summer Country.

You'll be missed.

read a little by him and see why I love him so much:

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Date:2007-01-02 23:45
Subject:New Years' Selling
Mood: accomplished

Happy New Year, everyone!

In honor of the new year, I'm cleaning out my apartment, which means throwing a lot of stuff away, taking a lot of stuff to Half Price Books, and trying to see if anyone would be interested in buying these things from me! I've left this post not-friends-locked so if you know somebody who wants to take a look, pass the link along.

I'm selling the following. I'm not sure exactly how much they're worth outside of ebay, so email me at selie22@hotmail.com with an offer if you're interested.

Xenogears (PS1) - regular version, discs and instruction booklet and box. In very good condition.
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) - regular version, instruction booklet and box. In very good condition.

This may be updated as I come across new things that might appeal to people on my list. Most of what I have is crappy and easy to come by (FF8) but I do have a few worthwhile pieces. I'll take photos if you want, but my digital camera is somewhat lacking.

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